Now your gonna be a little disoriented...

April 28, 2009

If I ever hear those words again while dancing I'll never dance again. Who knew swing dancing could be so much fun, yesterday Jeremy finally convinced me to try this trick where he swings me into the craddle position then throws me over. And to buffer my fear of death he decided to flip me onto the couch...well that didn't go as planned. Momentum and couch springs never occurred to him and after I was told he wouldn't drop me I was convinced I wouldn't hit the ground. Needless to say as soon as I hit the couch I flipped and my lower jaw hit the hard part of the couch, which led to biting my lip and snapping my jaw back together so hard it gave me a headache.

So this moring in Stats 439 someone pointed out to me that I had a bruised chin, and I already knew it but, my lip is busted. And this is supposed to be our first dance...feels more than I got into a fight. Good thing the trick he beat me to death with isn't part of the first was just something to try.

I really would hate to have a black eye at the don't laugh if I do.

Oh and on another note I'm ahead of the game...I've already caught up on thank you notes and mailed them out today.


  1. Didn"t I tell you swing dancing
    was dangerous? GOB

  2. He is beating you already!!! He should have atleast waited until after the wedding. But seriously, that really sucks. I would avoid swing dancing from now really dont want to have bruises all over you at the wedding.

  3. Thought I heard somewhere you cut the swing dance. Glad to hear you didnt. Cant wait to see. Be careful though.

  4. Love your blog....Have so enjoyed reading it today.

    I am still new to the land of blog, but so loving reading others stories. Everyone has a story and so many of them are so touching....

    Hope you will stop by for a visit.
    The May give-away has started and this month there will be 10 winners. I will be blogging from Disney World soon...

  5. Hey Emily,

    You spelled 'your' wrong in your title. haha
    And I'm looking forward to seeing your marriage.

    I'll probably come back later.

    Have a great day. :)

  6. Hey Emily! I got your site from JeniLiz's blog.. she's doing my engagement pics on the 11th! I've enjoyed your posts, maybe you can help me with my wedding conundrums!! When's your date? Ours is December 12.