Fantastic Fabric!

November 4, 2008

I've been planning on making my own ring bearer pillow after seeing what was out there. The options around here are your typical plain white satin over priced pillow, plus that cheap looking pillow I saw just isn't me and doesn't fit my wedding scheme. I've come to realize over the past year that you can make anything that you really like for less money and it can be adjusted to be exactly what you visioned. Not to mention I've become this mini Martha since I got my first apartment a few years ago.

Well today I had some free time between class and getting another ticket this week,(yes this makes two for us since sunday, im never driving again im about to hitch hike around town haha) so I headed over to Fantastic Fabric to check things out. It just so happened that they were having a sale and the fabric I liked was half off and if I got it out of the leftover pile it was another 25% off that. Whoo hoo I love a good sale! And I'm excited to say I got it for $9(which is way cheaper than the cheap plain satin pillow I saw for $30.).

This is my simulation of how it will look when I'm done, I want the turquoise as the pillow and the chocolate dots as a wide stripe going around the entire pillow. I just need to find a big raspberry colored fabric button and some raspberry colored ribbon to tie around the button and to attach the rings to and I've got my personalized "exactly what I want" ringbearer pillow!!

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  1. Super cute! I'm glad you found it on sale too. It will be a lot cuter than the usual pillow you see.