Cookies anyone?

November 10, 2008

I ordered my cookie stamp today. Yay! Can't wait to start making test batches with it. If anyone has a good sugar cookie recipe let me know! I used just store bought dough for my first test run today just to try out piping but I really want to make the actaul favors from scratch an attach the recipe to the cookie.

Well here is my first attempt ever at this sort of thing. I've made a ton of cookies but never tried to make anything pretty. I of course didm't have time to get the correct icing to do this with so its sloppy. Not to mention I bought the tips to pipe and the bag I was using busted so I just snipped the end off a plastic bag and went to town on the cookies.

Finished Product:

{please excuse the polka dot and babb cookie they are quite horrendous}

and here are my 3 favorite ones...

I really like the idea of a lower case monogram and I think it would go well with the program monogram, but the cookie stamp I ordered is a capital letter. Oh well, stamping will be a lot easier and save a lot of time considering the amount of cookies that will need to be done. Jeremy and I were also talking today about doing the stamp cookie one flavor and then another cookie in just plain sugar cookie.

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