Slow Weekends and Sam's Club

April 10, 2024

We had a nice slow weekend to cap off Spring Break. 

Friday night we had a family date night at Central Pizza in Lafayette, the wings are amazing. I should have gotten a photo of all of us out, but we were too busy devouring food. 

Saturday involved the usual weekly cleaning and Jeremy changed the truck latch/handle thing. I only noticed because the Ring camera kept being triggered by the boys playing in the back as he was fixing it. 


Sunday everyone (the children) dumped out the dress up bin and while Elliot was putting on the Spider Man costume we got to teasing him that it looked like a baby bonnet. 

This child is such a giggle box that when I applied a face mask during their bath time that night he couldn't look at me without falling into a fit of laughter. 

On a recent Sam's Club run I picked up these Spinach & Feta Cheese Chicken Meatballs

If you are looking for a good meal prep item for work lunches, this is really good. I am packing this with lemon rice, tzatziki sauce, and a salad all week. The macros are pretty good too, not too high fat or carb for the protein kick you get. 

Now to sip coffee while we continue to hold power and internet. 

All of Louisiana is under an awful storm, my MIL actually lost power yesterday. Schools are called off due to the flash flooding, and I can't say that after moving like snail for two days after coming back from the break that anyone is all that sad about an extra day stuck at home.