DIY Monogram Bunting Baseball Cap

April 12, 2024

 I saw someone post these adorable baseball caps on Instagram several weeks ago, but the price tag on the website was far out of my price range. If you've been on this blog for any length of time you know that I am not shy to try and DIY a project. 

The only thing I really changed from the original design was writing out our kids whole names on them. I know I use their names on here and on social media, but to be out in public with more than a monogram has always been out of bounds for us. The boys are such church/pastor kids, that they are comfortable with many people speaking to them and knowing their names. In an effort to keep that kidnapping chance down, in the most "child of the 90's way possible", I avoid having their names on them where some stranger could see it, call them by name, and they'd happily walk off with the. 

This was incredibly easy, I learned a bit as I went along. 

You'll need:
- A baseball cap 
- 3 colors of embroidery floss 
- an embroidery needle
- white felt
- your good sewing scissors
- white thread

It's not necessary but embroidery wash away paper would make placing your monogram so much easier than hand sketching it on the felt. 

Step 1:  You can use a template, or just hand draw your bunting. I drew out one and traced it so the boys would have the same bunting size. 

Step 2: Anchor your felt bunting down in place with two little stitches. This is where your white thread comes into play. You can't even see those anchor stitches when you're done. It just made the rest of the embroidery much easier. 

Step 3: I then outlined the triangle of my bunting in light blue embroidery floss. 

When I tell y'all this was so easy and the boys loved it in their Easter baskets, I sat in bed after the Palm Sunday picnic and had this stitched up in no time. 

Step 4: I did a single line of red embroidery floss on each little tail of the bunting. 

Step 5: I sketched out their initials on the bunting with pencil and then stitched over them. 

I wanted to chain stitch, but was not having the best luck. It would probably benefit me to get a hoop and practice a few embroidery stitches. If you don't have a problem with names, this would be adorable with a name or nickname written in cursive. Wash away paper would make writing it out super easy. 

The kids barely took these off of their head for all of spring break. 

The total cost in the end was under $20 dollar for two hats, verses the $58 I saw for one hat.