All of Last Week

April 28, 2024

Call it a catch up post I've been meaning to get up. 

I made a deal with the boys that any time Jeremy is out of town they can sleep with me. They're (specifically Elliot) are always wanting to sleep with us. Jeremy has a conference at the seminary, so last Friday they got to cuddle up with me. Harrison read Elliot books, and then shockingly the octopus child slept very still the entire night. 

I find it funny that the kids are on a Dr. Seuss kick with a mother who isn't a fan of the author. Not for the usual reasons, but I just don't care for the illustrations or writing style. I get that they are easy beginning readers, but I don't (didn't previously) own many of his books. 

How do you like that face of a child who was beside himself with getting to sleep by Mama. 

After what felt like two months of searching for Distylium I finally located some. We also replaced the Lobelias with Lavender. I just didn't find them to be sturdy enough. They require too much water for me and look pathetic so easily. 

I make dessert for Monday Night Bible Study at our house ever week, and I've recently been sick and tired of the labor of cookies. So for three weeks in a row I made a bar something, the kids finally revolted last week. 

Harrison told me when he grew up he was moving out of the country and not telling me his phone number. Elliot immediately started sobbing that he didn't want to be alone. I told him that eventually Harry would move out anyway.... more tears. He "doesn't want to be old and alone." He also said he wanted to start over from a baby again. The crying and gnashing of teeth carried on until bed. 

I had to finally swear I would redeem myself by making cookies on Tuesday. The kids opted to only bake half the batch and eat the other half raw. 

Elliot had a field trip to the park for the end of the school year. I don't know if you can tell from this photo how he feels about Cool Ranch Doritos. 

Last on the list is this poor old dog. He can not stand to be left alone. What I find most interesting with him is that I am the primary person, until all the boys leave and he's left with just me and acts like he was dumped on the side of the road. He cried for 20 minutes when Jeremy took the kids to gymnastics Thursday. 

 That about wraps up the highlights from last week. Hopefully this week I will be better with updates.