The Amazon Sweater, Dinner, and a Failed Juice Cleanse

September 10, 2020

I joined together with a few blog friends on Instagram to do a little fashion carosal - go check out @blessedhautemess @organized_chaosblog @bringingupbeary and @rebeccaautin on IG to see what colors they got and how they styled it. 

Above is THE sweater with my favorite high waisted white jeans from J. Crew Mercantile, Leopard Rothy's, and the ever present jewelry from Mimosa Handcrafted (Mama bar necklace and Acadian Flag Cuff) 

 For this look I went with my favorite black Super Skinny Black Jeans from Old Navy, last years shoes from Target, and a vest from absolutely ages ago. 

"Hashtag" worst fashion blogger ever with that second look! 

I'm fairly excited about dinner tonight. 

I have a ton of veggies leftover from the failed juice cleanse and that lead to this French Cucumber Salad recipe. 

Then there's the short ribs from Meal Planning Monday. Yum! 

So funny story...

Elliot was sitting at the book shelf reading the other night, nothing unusual. Suddenly I noticed he was throwing away paper. 

Again, nothing unusual. He likes to clean and he tends to pick up behind Harrison. 

So I checked to see what he tossed. 

The boy threw away a page HE ripped out of the children's bible and then ACTUALLY put the bible back on the bookshelf. Which he never does. 

I don't know if I should be irritated or impressed that a nearly two year old thought this out so far. 

About that failed juice cleanse...

The long time readers around here will know I use to ride or die on juicing. Loved it. My most viewed and pinned post for years was a green juice. 

I'm not that person anymore. 

Let me break down the juice cleanse for you. 

1. Jeremy wanted to do 5 days. I talked him off that cliff and got him to three. 

2. Juice cleanse begins. 

8am - first juice - tolerable but not my favorite thing on this planet. (we were copying a local juice place to save money) 

10 am - better but still, it wasn't coffee and I had given up coffee if it had to be black. 


12:15 - I'm just looking at this green juice. It's mocking me. It looks like it's gonna taste like something you have to choke down. 

12:30 - still looking at it. 

1:30 - Jeremy shows up and takes a sip of his, half gags. 

1:31 - everyone agrees we are stupid and this is ending now. We got BBQ for dinner. 

Clearly I could juice through my 20's, but mid 30's Emily has more to live for than a missed meal. 

And that friends is why I now own a nice juicer that will never be used again.