Three Ways to Get in Shape on a Budget

July 13, 2020

With the rising temperatures of the summer months bringing plenty of opportunities to show off your body, following several months of an enforced sedentary lifestyle due to the coronavirus lockdown, you might feel that it’s time to get into shape. With gym memberships and sports equipment proving costly, you might think that you cannot afford to work exercise into your monthly budget. However, exercise and improved fitness are possible for anyone, whatever your budget and ability. Here are three ways you can get in shape while sticking to a budget.


1.   Use coupons to buy equipment

When starting an exercise regime, you need, at the very least, gym clothes and supportive sneakers. This equipment list can grow if you’re taking up a specific sport, obliging you to buy anything from yoga mats to baseball mitts, all of which can quickly become expensive. You are probably aware of using coupons to buy groceries and other household goods, but did you know that you can also use coupons to purchase exercise and sports gear? Dicks Sporting Goods coupons, for instance, offer you discounts on essential sports equipment to help you carry out your new fitness regime without breaking the bank.


2.   Use the sidewalk as your gym

A monthly gym membership can be expensive, especially if you don’t use it enough to make it worthwhile. On top of this, you might feel self-conscious about working out surrounded by gym bunnies. However, a gym membership isn’t essential to get in shape: all you need are a pair of running shoes and the great outdoors. To build a running regime, start with walking, then gradually build in longer spates of running, and you’ll soon be running for miles every week. Your neighborhood, or a local park, is the perfect place to begin a running regime, and what’s more, you can admire the natural scenery while working out, rather than the line of treadmills in front of you.


3.   Follow online fitness videos

A staple piece of fitness equipment in the ‘80s and ‘90s, the humble workout video has made something of a comeback during the coronavirus lockdown. Why not try yoga and Pilates or a dance-based workout like Zumba? Or go retro with a Jane Fonda aerobics video? Whatever you are in the mood for, you are sure to find a video workout for it. You could even make your video workouts a social event by inviting your friend around to join in—but make sure you actually see the workout through to the end! As well as streaming sites such as Amazon Prime, YouTube are excellent resources for classic aerobics workouts for free. The platform is also home to some excellent fitness YouTubers who offer regular workout videos that provide you with the experience of attending a class in the comfort of your own home. For instance, subscribe to Yoga with Adriene for yoga videos, or Pamela Reif if you want a full-body workout.