I Wanna Be Loved Bayou

July 8, 2020

This past week I headed off with the kids to visit family in the bayou state! 

If you're reading this and didn't see me just know... I'm on a time crunch every time. While we weren't able to visit my MIL this time, she just had surgery and Covid sucks, we are usually driving all over creation to make sure we spend time with her and my parents. Not to mention we have to work in time with our best friends and our second family. 

I'm awful at photos when we get to see our New Iberia family, We were too busy eating fried crawfish poboys from Bon Creole and then generally not pretty enough for a pic. I've got a shot or two of Kali and Brandon that Harrison took but I can promise you she'd never answer my text again if I posted them 😂. 

So just know, we sat, chatted, drank coffee, and hugged the people we love. Even if I'll die without photo evidence. 

I finally located a CFA with the Frosted Coffee. 

It was amazing. 

I was mistaken in thinking that the coffee level was gonna be low and was wide awake at 2am. 

When will I ever learn 😂, this reminds me of that time my step-MIL was driving us back from Tennessee (after that awful wreck that destroyed my beloved Mustang) and we stopped at this cool gas station that had a great coffee bar right outside of New Orleans. WORST. DECISION. EVER. Someone forgot to alert Emily to the fact that past noon all coffee is off. I was 4 pm. At 2am a. Tylenol PM couldn't even take me down. 

We finally got to my parents house and I lived my best Vi-Lou life. Or Miss-Lou. Whoever you want to call it. 

For those of you not familiar, Vidalia is on the Mississippi River and it is what divides us from Natchez. As a kid we had to drive into Natchez for nearly everything. Vidalia is tiny... and they'll write you a speeding ticket if you don't slow down and get a good look. 

Now for the photo above, Elliot spent a good chunk of time in that window sill pushing cars to the end... and subsequently having me send them back. 

Bath time - also known as a time where Big Booty Judy kept bumping the stopper and ending bath time early. 

When my parents remodeled their bathroom the tub has built in stopper you have to push just so, Elliot always pushes it just so. 

As per tradition... Rolling 'N' The Dough had to be visited. I almost need a couple days and a sitter just to get to everything I love in Downtown Natchez. 

This particular day I went to lunch with Mom and her teacher friends at The Camp (which is under the hill if you are visiting). 

To explain Under the Hill - Natchez is all bluffs and Vidalia is all areas that could easily flood and surrounded by levees (Louisiana 😑). To get to Under the Hill you have to go down a bluff and get to the river where there are a few restaurants. I think this area was a port at one time. It has also been the landing spot of a riverboat casino or two. 

Cotton Candy cookie dough this time! I took me a week to finish this. It's not diet cookie dough by any means. 

Dad's two year old ducks finally got their ducks in a row and hatched a baby. She was really fresh, umbilical cord still showing and her little beak still appeared damp. 

Which means Harrison got to finally live his dream of petting a baby duck. 

Sadly the dumb ducks aren't that great at babies yet. The mother tried to sit on more eggs and the baby got under her... no more baby duck. Now Dad wants to get axe the ducks, I personally want to process them and find some recipes. These are some big old meat ducks. 

Give it a year and something else will be in that backyard. We've had ducks, chickens, quail, Egyptian pheasants, doves, rabbits, and surely something I've forgotten about. The dumbest of all the critters being Bob White Quail... they don't seem to have a will or instinct to live.