Organization Tips for Planning a Family Vacation

July 14, 2020

There’s a lot of weight on your shoulders when planning a family vacation. With more people involved in travel planning, there are more potentials for things to go wrong (i.e. lost passports, forgotten phone chargers, temper tantrums, etc.). As the person doing the planning, there is one crucial thing that will ensure your vacation goes smoothly: organization. The more organized you are, the less you’ll encounter problems and the better you can deal with them if they arise.


Anything that you can pre-book should be pre-booked. It will ensure that everything is taken care of in advance and reduce your chances of forgetting things. You’ll have enough to deal with already without adding on unnecessary hassles, such as figuring out where you’re going to park or waiting in huge lines for tickets to attractions.

Pre-booking has the added perk of saving money on almost everything. Booking in person means the companies can mark up the prices, as they know you have no option. Book your JFK airport long term parking in advance to ensure you’ve got a spot on the day and don’t risk any hiccups that could cause you to miss your flight.

Use checklists

Nothing beats an old-school checklist to ensure you’re organized and don’t forget anything. Don’t risk trying to remember everything yourself and instead use premade lists that you can find online, so you don’t miss something crucial. There is likely something you may not have thought of that someone else has. If your kids are packing themselves, give them each a checklist so they can go through and tick off all their items.

Use checklists for everything. Have a packing checklist, an airport checklist, a camping gear checklist, and a hotel checkout checklist. Use whatever type of list is relevant to your holiday. It may seem excessive, but it’s the best way to ensure you’re on track, especially when you’ve got the kids running around.

Take advantage of your smartphone

Smartphones are extremely helpful and efficient when it comes to keeping people organized. Take advantage of all the fantastic smartphone apps that can make planning your vacation a breeze. You can use apps to book flights, accommodation, transport, excursions, and more! There are translation apps for when you’re in a foreign country and taxi apps that will provide you with a driver in minutes.

Google maps will help you get around anywhere on the planet without getting lost. With the kids in tow, the last thing you want is to get lost in a new city. You can even mark locations on the app and create a route for your daily activities. You can also use planning and checklist apps to plan out your whole vacation and itinerary. There’s almost nothing a smartphone can’t do. 

Planning a family vacation is hard work. It takes a lot of careful planning to ensure the whole family is happy and stress-free during their time away. Make your life easier by using these tips to keep you organized and fully relax and enjoy your holiday.