Saying "I Do" Without Going Into Debt: How to Have a Cheap Wedding

April 28, 2020

You love your soon-to-be spouse. And the feeling is mutual.
Another thing that's mutual? Your desire NOT to go into debt while professing your love for each other in front of family and friends.
The good news is that you don't have to enter your marriage in the red just to tie the knot. Here's a rundown on how to have a cheap wedding this year.
Let's jump in!

How to Have a Cheap Wedding? Look for Complimentary Decorations

If you are interested in having a religious wedding at a church, you may want to have the celebration near one of the major holidays on the calendar. For instance, consider scheduling your ceremony near Christmas or Easter.
Why? Because the church you choose will likely already be fully decorated. And this can save you a lot on decorations, like flowers.
For any wedding date that is not near a holiday, consider having a beautiful candlelit ceremony. This type of wedding can be inexpensive yet romantic and gorgeous.


Yet another way to save during your upcoming wedding ceremony is to make your own free wedding program
Instead of paying a printing firm or a professional graphic designer to create a program for you, you can use a user-friendly program template to effortlessly create a program that reflects your style.

Party Favors and Other Touches

Looking for yet another way to save during wedding planning? You could throw a party where your friends would help you to assemble favors and other inexpensive touches.
For instance, your friends could help you to create homemade centerpieces and even invitations.
During your party, make sure that you play inspiring songs and make delectable snacks available. This will make your helpers feel appreciated and make the experience more enjoyable for all parties involved.


Finally, if you're serious about saving money, explain this to your caterer.
You may want to ask the caterer what their least costly seated-dinner entrees are. Also, find out if having a buffet would be a less expensive option for you.
In addition, if you can have a dry ceremony -- meaning that you serve no alcohol -- this can save you a lot of money. However, if you want to serve alcohol, see if the caterer will allow you to bring your own.
If you can't bring your own, you could save money by serving just beer and wine, rather than an entire bar. And if you do have an open bar, consider keeping it open only during the cocktail hour. You can then serve less expensive wine at dinnertime.

How We Can Help You

In addition to showing you how to have a cheap wedding this year, I offer a wide range of tips and advice for throwing the perfect wedding for you and your significant other.
For instance, you can learn how to create a beautiful hairstyle to match your personality for the big day. You can also learn how to take stunning bridal shoot photos.
Explore my blog to find out more about how to celebrate your marriage in a unique, memorable, and frugal way in the coming months.