Friday Five

January 17, 2020

We had our first "run for cover" Alabama storm last weekend. Luckily the stars aligned and it hit the perfect time of the day - after lunch and before naps. The kids did great for being stuck in a dark box for an hour. 

This mama ain't about no night time waking. If it's your time, it's your time. 

Now before anyone tells me how we are "now in tornado alley," we also lived there in Central/North Louisiana. The difference is that if you dig a hole you get a pool so we just sat in the hall and hoped for the best. 

I don't know if y'all heard... but LSU won the National Championship. I had a lot of fun watching it with Jeremy, this will have to become a regular thing since he doesn't have his game watching buddies around anymore. 

On the other hand, the more the week has moved on the more irritated Joe Burrow has made me. I listened to the Pardon My Take podcast where Burrow and Coach O were interviewed the morning after the game. O is a great guy and you won't really change my mind on that. But Burrow.... how many eye-roll emojis can I put here? He was arrogant, cocky, and drunk. He carried on about OBJ handing out money and didn't seem to care because he was officially out of the team after the game ended. 

It just overall seemed like a lack of respect for the school. All the accolades have gone to his head and he is ready to be pro. It shows, and not in a good way. 

In case you haven't seen our guest room... and it's safe to say I haven't posted a photo of or in it since before Harrison was born... it needed updating. 

Now, the room isn't getting a total redo, I'll wait until we buy a house and are more settled. But the bedding was driving me nuts. I get zero joy looking at sheets I bought in 2006. White eyelet bed has had a good life and it is going to now live in the hall closet in case we ever need that comforter for an extra guest or such. 

The rest of my bedding should be in today and I am beyond excited to make that bed! Funny enough,  I don't think I possess the ability to purchase fun colors for items I want to see last several years. Instead the guest bed has become the extension of my other bedrooms. 

Our room: Black, grey, and blue floral
Kids room, grey, white, and blue
Guest bed: grey, white, and who knows because it's just the bed. 

Living room and kitchen: wood, brown, burlap, and colors sprinkled in. 

How's bath time been going you ask? 

These two want to be on top of each other and yet as far away as possible. Even when we have a full blown house with enough rooms I think they'll still share a room. At least until it is expressed otherwise. 

This particular fight, Harrison was turning everyone into bubble man and no involved parties were appreciative. 

Life most nights: 

Maybe it's just because a big youth event is on the horizon (see also: tonight), but I feel like I've been solo parenting many a night here lately. 

I also realized that my Sunday Bathroom Selfie that I also took with Harrison has yet to happy with whom I've been lovingly calling T-Baby based on his affinity for Cajun food and grits. 

So we had to remedy that. 

WHICH ALSO MADE ME NOTICE that those pajamas have seen better days. Two fat babies are no match for Old Navy footie pjs. As seen by the knees and feet. Mama might need to dig in the clothing boxes this weekend or make a stop by the store for more.