5 Alternative Mini-Moon Ideas

January 3, 2020

I really wish we were big campers as a couple when we were newly-weds. I think that would have made a great mini-moon. Heck, we might just have to go camping sans kids one day. 
A mini-moon provides the break you need (and deserve) from the overwhelming planning of your special day. Not everybody wants to jump from the extensive planning of a wedding straight into the demanding planning of a honeymoon straight after. A mini-moon can therefore be the break which makes everything easier – as well as affording you and your partner some well-earned quality time.
Here are 5 alternative mini-moon ideas to inspire.

1.   Take a Short Trip in Your Local Area
Or as close as you can get when you find somewhere interesting to stay and travel to! Mini-mooning doesn’t mean you have to travel abroad, or even very far – check yourselves into a swanky hotel, even if it’s only a half an hour drive from your home, and spend a few days in relaxation, away from everything else. Add some luxury to your trip in whatever way you can, such as upgrading to a suite. It can still feel like you’re a world away even if it’s close to home.
Or, you can always try a staycation.
2.   Take Time Out to Enjoy a Music Concert
Book your dream live concert artist and venue and take a mini-trip based around the experience. You and your partner can enjoy the time away from everything and escape together through the music of your favorite band or solo artist. Companies like Ticket Sales can help you find the best deals for a vast list of artists.
3.   Try a City Break
Aim for a destination that’s only an hour or two flight away. That way, it won’t feel like such a tiring long haul, and won’t cost nearly as much. Hopping on and off a plane to enjoy a new place in a new country can be an exciting way to spend your mini-moon, while saving the big, long-distance locations for your dream trip.
4.   Go Glamping
Camping may not seem like a luxurious way to spend post-marital bliss, but that’s where glamping comes in. Step your experience up a notch and add a little luxury to your camping experience. Try a peaceful and private camping spot so you can spend some quality time together. Being able to watch the stars at night, decorate your tent with fairy lights and cook up delicious meals together is a perfect way to spend a mini-moon.
5.   Find a Coastal Retreat
It wouldn’t take long to find a house or apartment to rent out for yourself by the ocean; you could try for a self-catering cottage or property which opens up onto the sand and lets you take walks as a newly married couple at sunset – or whenever you like! Self-catering also means you get the privacy to cook and provide for yourselves, curl up and watch a movie together or go out into town and indulge in a lavish meal or a big night out.
In Conclusion
Whatever you decide to do for your mini-moon, make sure that it affords the both of you the time to relax and spend time together – and that it doesn’t break the bank, either.