Friday Five

January 10, 2020

For the record, that's not my hand. It's a grabby baby. 

I found our first Alabama king cake this week, Elliot being too small to taste last year finally got a bite this year. He's such the child to refuse to try new things, he flat refused king cake. So I forced it on him. Now he yells if you pass it and don't give him a bite. 

Go figure. 

One of our fave neighbors from our old cul-de-sac sent the boys a box of Christmas goodies. You can tell Naomi knows Harry well... cookies, slime, bath toys. Elliot... he got in the box and then stole Cheetos from Harrison. 

Someone has to buy this child his beloved chocolate chip cookies... because Mama sure isn't doing it lol! 

My later than his late walking brother decided to take a few steps on Friday. Since then he's rarely been excited to walk much but stands like he's winning a prize. He's going to get his little self hurt acting just like his bother did, they want to practice all new skills in the tub. 

That's about it for this week. We haven't been up to much, but tomorrow we will be hunkering down with the bad weather that is blowing through. Something about weather is making me much more nervous than it ever did in Louisiana. We had tornadoes, but I wasn't one to panic about them. Maybe it's the storm shelter at our house, but I am a basket case when it gets gross outside.

Calgon take me away where the hurricanes are my worst worry and nothing sneaks up on you.