Elliot - Month One

December 7, 2018

Elliot's Current Stats:
❊ Age – 1 month old
❊ Weight & Height – 10 lbs 4 ounces, 21 inches long. He hasn't grown in length since birth but the kiddo has width down. 
Up from 8 lbs 4 oz at birth, and then 7 lbs 4 oz at the doctor. That first week was a mess with weight. I honestly think the scale was off because the next day he was 8 lbs 1 oz when we had him circumcised. Either way mama is happy about a 2 lb gain from birth! The doctor commented about him being short since he hasn't lengthened, I had a good laugh with her about how short my people are. I bet Jeremy adds maybe an inch to our short genes. I say this because both of my grandmothers were super short and my grandfather is 6 feet... no one else is 6 feet! 

❊ Eat – Nursing his his hobby. Right now he wants to eat about every 3 hours, and sometimes he wants to cluster feed in the evenings. 
He came out of the gate nursing better than Harrison. With H we had to fuss with getting him to latch and then to latch well. Elliot actually did the booby crawl 30 minutes after being born and nursed his little heart out. I was actually shocked he did it since he brother did skin to skin for an hour and never attempted to do the crawl. The nurses even commented on how quick Elliot started nursing, usually it's an hour to 90 minutes before a baby will do the crawl and want to eat. Proof that every baby is different. 

❊ Sleep – Great for a 4 week old. I tend to get one or two good crib naps out of him and he sleeps well at night, wanting to nurse 2 or 3 times. I think the main difference is that this is my second round and I know to just set the baby down awake from day 1 so they learn to go to sleep on their own. Unless he's hungry or dirty he really doesn't fuss and will go to sleep on his own. Hopefully when the 3-4 month regression comes he doesn't stop this. 

❊ Recent Milestones – Elliot has started smiling at us. Mama more, but mama is currently home. 
❊ Special Moments – His first squinty eyed open mouth smile was pretty sweet. I told him he was wearing bears and growled at him... he apparently like it lol. 

❊ Mama’s Experience – I'm much more relaxed this time. With one week left of maternity leave, I have to say that having minimal visitors has been nice. With Harrison people were constantly at the house visiting or bringing food and it was too much for me. I've really enjoyed just nursing and holding the baby in the recliner most of the day without having to pass him off. I seriously feel like I missed Harrison's first week of life because other people were holding him. It was nice to reclaim that and next baby... doing the same.

❊ Comparison – I didn't think the differences were that big until I saw these pics side by side. For one Harry is much darker and had much more hair. There also isn't a single photo of him from the one month photo folder where he isn't screaming. Elliot is proving to actually be much more calm it seems, I'm not making it up. E is also much lighter in his skin tone.