Busy Baby Strikes Again

November 20, 2019

Elliot is steadily proving me wrong on every parenting truth I held dear.

He wasn't a baby led weaning fan. Instead he has me ordering pouches off Amazon for his snack. Meanwhile, Harrison was a great eater.

I did convince him to wean early... but only by offering him chocolate milk. (never fear I got him on some DHA Horizon Organic and Hershey's Simply, it's nothing too rich)

His other baby trick... he doesn't sit still.

Harrison loved to go and do, but he did that with his own toys. I never really and truly baby proofed anything. Pictures stayed down. Breakables stayed down. He messed with nothing.

Elliot meanwhile is an absolute nosey baby. He loves to dig in cabinets.

I'm currently struggling with what to get a baby for Christmas who only loves eating small Legos and sucking on essential oil bottles.

(He hasn't swallowed a Lego yet but he sure wants to, and my oils have been moved from the side table because he constantly wants to dig in them and taste test.)

All of this leads me to Saturday.

Jeremy had been out of town at a youth pastor's retreat and I was at home solo parenting. I thought the children were convinced to occupy themselves for a second while I was cleaning the kitchen.

Thought being the key word here.

Elliot isn't Harrison.

He was playing quietly. I was cleaning. All was right in the world.

Until I thought to myself... "Elliot is only quiet when he's into something or pooping."

Sure enough he was into something. He had somehow found the tape dispenser and wrapped himself in tape.

I laughed, took a photo of his silliness to show Jeremy, and carried on cleaning up the tape situation.

Notice the bruise on his head? The look of "What on earth is wrong with having taped my leg up?"

Elliot immediately darted off for the living room and before I knew it he had knocked the lamp (the dear lamp he's been tempting to touch for weeks) onto the ground and broken the base.

Harrison, who had just seen the tape antics, walks over, shakes his head and says, "Mama, I'd be SOOO mad."

And that made me laugh harder than the rest of it.

I couldn't be mad at Busy Baby. But his brother thinking it was a good idea to be mad just made me giggle even more.