3 Ways to Pay for Your Wedding

December 20, 2018

Today's guest post is all about paying for your wedding. In the comments shout out how you paid for yours!

You’ve decided to get married, and that’s fantastic news! It’s an exciting time, and wedding preparation is a serious business. It can take many months, or even years, to plan the perfect wedding, and there is a certain joy in visiting venues, selecting color schemes, finding the most beautiful dress, and designing invitations.

However, weddings can also be costly, and this is where that joy can turn to sorrow. If you don’t know how you are going to pay for your wedding and what the budget might be, then it will be impossible to book anything or anyone for sure, and this can be stressful. With that in mind, below we’ve compiled some of the best ways to pay for your wedding, giving you the chance to enjoy the planning stage before you say “I do.”

Your Savings
Your savings are perhaps the first place to turn after getting engaged and when you start to get down to planning your dream wedding. There are two ways to work with your savings:

  • The first is to see what you already have (and how much you know you can add to the total before everything needs to be paid for), and use that as your budget.
  • The second way is to plan what you want and have a total in mind that you need to reach and then save for it.

Both options will work, and it will depend on how quickly you want to get married as to which one you pick. The first means that you already have the funds and therefore the wedding can take place sooner. The second means you have yet to save, so it will be delayed. Whatever you choose, make sure you have the right savings account, as the more interest you can receive, the better. Check out Crediful for details on which account is best for you.

A Credit Card
Another option to pay for your wedding is a credit card. Ideally, you should apply for a brand new card that is solely to be used for your wedding. This way you can more easily keep track of what you are spending, and how much you need to pay off. You can also find better deals this way including interest-free purchase deals which will save you a lot of money, particularly if you can then pay off the entire card before the interest starts being due.

Credit cards are not a good idea if you already have a high level of debt, and if that is the case, then you should use one of the other options on the list that doesn’t involve applying for more credit. However, if you know that you can make the repayments happily and you have a plan about paying off more (a lot more if possible) than the minimum due each month, ensuring that the card balance is brought down to zero quickly, then it can be a great way to enable you to have the wedding you want without compromise.

If you need or want to borrow to pay for your wedding, then a loan can sometimes be a better option than a credit card, although it will depend on your circumstances. Again, you can get all the prices you need and add everything up so that you know what you need to borrow. That way you won’t either borrow more than you need (which means you will be paying back more than you would really have to), or less than you need (which means that you’ll have to compromise on what you buy or go elsewhere for an additional loan).

Friends And Family
Not everyone is able to apply for credit or use their savings, and not everyone wants to even if they can. Getting into debt is just not something that some people want to entertain. In this case, you might decide to ask family and friends to help. You don’t even have to ask for a loan (which, of course, is more debt!) if you word the request correctly.

Those who are invited to your wedding will want to bring a gift of some sort. Not only is it a tradition, but it is a generous, fun thing to do. Originally these gifts were given to the happy couple to set them up in their new home together, but since many people have lived together for at least a little while before getting married, and they will already have everything they need, an alternative could be to ask for a cash donation. These gifts of cash can be used to pay for the wedding, so everyone is able to enjoy the money, and it means your guests won’t be paying extra, and you won’t receive gifts you don’t want or need.

They key thing here is to word the request correctly. Make it fun and light-hearted, and ensure that everyone knows the money is going to create a great day for everyone. Don’t request specific amounts as this can seem greedy.