March 7, 2018

I somehow contracted the virus from my child.

I say somehow, but I know clearly how. The how is that I always catch this mess 3 fold and Jeremy runs off unscathed by the diseases passed in this house.

So there was no meal planning post this week.

In fact scrolling social media posed a problem because it appeared at the exact moment my life began to end everyone took a hiatus from posting about their kids and uploaded a shot of their dinner.


So what has my week looked like outside of the bathroom?

Yesterday I couldn't bare the idea of leaving bed so I actually looked for sub. Today I couldn't bare the idea of looking for a sub so I took my stomach cramps to work.

In case you were wondering... this is where teaching sucks. Finding a replacement is impossible. All the planning that goes into not being at work isn't worth it. I'd almost assume die in that classroom than attempt to find a sub most times.

So yeah, I haven't cooked dinner. I haven't posted about cooking dinner. I haven't even thought about what I want to cook next week for dinner.

All that to say... I didn't vanish this week. I'm just in the bathroom eating rice and trying to not die immediately.