Friday Five

March 2, 2018

It's Friday and all I can think is TGIF, who's with me?

[ O N E ]

Last night we were talking and I noticed Harrison had pulled the quilt down from the chair and was using it as hills and holes while he played with this characters... it was just really cute. 

I don't think I've said this 30 plus times but... I like this stage. 

[ T W O ] 

We got a family set of Bombas socks in the mail this week... I'm finding my feet hurt less when I workout with these on. If you want to snag a pair for yourself use code NOLAMOM for 20% off your order. 

 [ T H R E E ] 

Somehow my mother has never managed to go on the Avery Island tour of the Tabasco plant that's in town. This time I grabbed a bag of the Tabasco Chez-Its, heavenly y'all. They are 100 times more amazing then the regular flavor. 

[ F O U R ]

I broke down and got a gym membership again. I mainly did it because with the Faster Way workouts and the running that's involved I "needed" it. See also... I can't stand running outside. 

What I've been doing everyday is the weight part of the FWTFL workouts at home and then heading to the gym after bedtime for any cardio that's involved. Last night was Hill Intervals, also known as I almost died. 

Planet Fitness is my new jam though, it might be the farthest gym from my house but for 20 bucks I can get on a Hydro Massage bed after every workout. So that is worth the money alone. 

[ F I V E ] 

I made this non-recipe-recipe this week for dinner and am absolutely obsessed. If y'all want an actual recipe posted just let me know and I'll cook it up again, it won't hurt my feelings one bit to eat this for every meal.