May 12, 2017

It's Friday people, and as if that weren't enough to celebrate it's also the end of Teacher Appreciation Week. My midsection is sick of being appreciated. 

That might sound unappreciative, but I assure you my jeans are far more snug than I prefer. 

Come Saturday "skinny Emily" will shove "chunky Emily" back down in the hole she belongs and hopefully keep her in her place. She's only allowed out on occasion, the past two weeks she's been partying like a college girl during Sorority Rush Week. 

Now let's get to things of the week.

1. I'll share links as soon as I have them, but I got to record a podcast with The Podcast Project and had an absolute blast. Today the main episode airs and come Sunday the "Sunday Confessions" episode comes out. This was all recorded mid-"chunky Emily" so you can consider yourself warned.

Episode 41 - Louisiana Bride

Link to The Podcast Project on iTunes >>> here
The Podcast Project Website >>> here

2. It's almost Mother's Day and of course I've gotta remember my one and only mother and my amazing grandmother. Those two taught me everything I know, and what they didn't teach me I gained genetically through my Granny Aida (Dad's mother) and there was no way they'd weed out any of that off the cuff snark/silliness. See also, both of my grandmother's were always up to something so I got it naturally. All three of them classify easily as great mamas.

3. This toddler. He just keeps me laughing.

Harrison hugged this barrel of cheese balls all the way home the other day. For 30 minutes.

4. In other mother news. This. Just read this and then stop obsessing over everything on earth. I've currently taken a chill pill... as I remove my makeup with coconut oil. 

5. Last but not least on the mama front, us. This was my first Mother's Day. It didn't go anywhere near as planned. It was actually awful. I felt ugly. I had an awful haircut. Nothing in Old Navy was "I just had a baby friendly." And to top if off I had just gone back to work, feeling and looking like junk.

All that to say this. We survived. It passed. The baby is 2 now and life if good. No I'm not physically where I wanted to be, but I'm not in that postpartum darkness anymore. My hair also looks better. We've also gotten in a groove of what our boundaries are and drawn some lines. So new mamas, this too shall pass... but set your boundaries and what you won't compromise on and stick to it. Everyone else can get over themselves.

And good grief that is a fake dang smile Emily. But thanks Timehop for reminding me there's light at the end of the tunnel.