Easy Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

May 2, 2017

I know some mama's are all about the gifts, thoughtfully picked out. There's a nice little easy going crowd of us who aren't though. Here are five ideas for things to do for your low key mama in your life with Mother's Day coming up.

Easy Mother's Day Ideas

1. Book her a massage or facial, or better yet, let her book the kind she wants where she wants it. Or just give her one yourself. 

2. Make her favorite breakfast or lunch after church

3. Disappear with the children so she has alone time at home.  Or let her wander off to do something without everyone under foot

4. Gift cards or cash. Who doesn't like being handed money to play with that has no strings attached... as in this should have been spent on gas or groceries.

5. Be sneaky and buy something from her Amazon wish list

Side Note:: The only reason I can think of these things is because at one time or another the hubby has done them. I remind him often that he's lucky that I'm an easy to please person lol!