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Monday, October 05, 2015

31 Days of Slightly Crunchy

Today's all about the essential oils I use, and there aren't a lot.

I also don't buy the super expensive ones either.

I grew up with a mother who used tea tree oil from the drug store on skin conditions. Like I said in the home remedies post, I personally like using it on ring worm.

But it works great for other things as well... I'll get into that more in a bit.

I don't buy my oils from companies that sell through individuals, I've found that I like what I get at the health food store just fine and don't see the need in the marked up price.

Plus, let's be real, I don't want to spend that kind of money on it.

Here's a list though of what I keep in my medicine cabinet, how I use them, and the brands I like.

Tea Tree Oil

- treat ring worm or any form of fungal infection really
-treat acne
-heal cuts faster

I also use this in a healing salve/oil I made, but I'll be sharing that recipe later in the month. It's also a great household cleaner and is anti-microbial.


I mainly use this in hand scrubs and detox baths for it's calming effects.

A great scrub recipe I make using this in sea salt, baking soda, chamomile oil, and sunflower oil or coconut oil. Mix together to the consistency you like and use as a hand scrub... or even a foot scrub. I've even used it on my face a few times.


- natural antiseptic
- put on a cotton ball on my night stand when I'm having respiratory issues like a cold (I also add a few drops of oregano)
- instead of a cotton ball I sometimes put a few drops with oregano and lavender with a bit of water in my Scentsy to get the smell around really well to help with cold symptoms.
- can be applied topically to treat skin infections
-bug repellent, can be used to treat lice
- can be used to treat fever and reduce body temperature
- antibacterial and antiseptic qualities


I mentioned a few ways I use it under Eucalyptus, but it also is great for colds. It's considered a hot oil so you have to be careful if you plan on applying it to your skin. Or even accidentally getting it on you after you put it elsewhere.

- I primarily like it for it's allergy support qualities. It can promote a sedating effect on hypersensitivity to allergies.
- Some people claim that taking a few drops a few times a day will get rid of a cold, but I haven't tried it out just yet. I mainly just keep it on a tissue or cotton ball nearby or in a wax warmer.


- this is my detox bath best friend, I always add a few drops in when I soak in the bath.
- I rubbed a few drops into the space right below my ankles when I was pregnant and couldn't sleep
- place on an insect bite or sting to reduce swelling and stop itching
-treat cuts, it can stop bleeding and kill bacteria
- great on dermatitis


- I like to "diffuse" this in the room with my wax warmer, to support immune function
- add a few drops to a humidifier
- I keep a spray bottle at home and at school with 1/3 rubbing alcohol, 2/3 water, and about 5 drops of Thieves. I spray this around my classroom at the end of the day and sometimes between classes to ward of the sickies!
- add a few drops to homemade cleaners

Now for the brands I like -
Eden's Garden
Wyndmere (lavender)
Star West Essential Oils
Nature's Alchemy

Oils On My "To Try" List -
Clary Sage
Eden's Garden: Age Defy, Breathe Easier, Good Night, Immunity, Purify

Eden's Garden actually has several really great sets I would like to try, I highly suggest checking them out for oils. I've been really pleased with the company, their product, and the price.

What are some of your favorite essential oils and brands? 
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