31 Days - Crunchy Products

October 7, 2015

What makes a product "crunchy" for me?

Ingredients I can read!

Be sure to share your favorite crunchy products in the comments!!

(all product names are links... and they aren't affiliate so don't worry)

Punkin Butt Teething Oil

Honest Company Healing Balm - this stuff is amazing, I can put it on a scratch and it's gone from Harrison's face by the next nap time usually. I put this stuff on everything from bug bites to zits. Any kind of skin issue gets slathered with this in our house.

Honest Company Nipple Balm - I only used this, and coconut oil a few times, nursing and past the first week I never had an issue. Granted the pain I had was from his latching issue the first few days, but he worked that out. This lovely stuff though, never had a cracked nipple, and by the next nursing session my nipples felt normal again.

Boiron Oscillococcinum - start getting sick at all, this is what I take. It's basically a healing cure in a little tube that doesn't taste like medicine.

Dupois Infant Colic Remedy - a upset infant lifesaver. If he looked at me cross eyed he basically got a does of this. It was wonderful for those early months of "why is he so gassy and crying so much?"

Dupois Natural Health Store basically has every homeopathic solution you can conjure up, and they are only about 15 minutes from where we live, but you can order online. I highly suggest their products, everyone here loves them.

Zarbee's Cough Syrup & Mucus Reducer for babies 2 months + - This was a life saver several weeks ago when we were up to our elbows in snot around here and there was "nothing" we could take.

Fridababy products - I admit I gagged a few times when I was pregnant and watching my friends suck snot out of their babies using the NoseFrida, but y'all... it's the holy grail of snot sucking amazingness!

healthy mama brand products - I fell in love with their prenatal vitamins over the summer and I have to say anything that is dye free and gluten free in the vitamin world is a friend of mine! In case you're wondering... it's really good that you continue taking prenatal vitamins throughout your baby's first year.

I know there are more stashed around this house, but it's all I can think of at the moment. I can't wait to hear what products y'all love!