I Heart Pinterest Wednesday

April 8, 2015

I had a whitty post in mind, but goodness help me if Mom Brain coupled with screaming baby didn't make me forget where I was going.

So instead let's fall back on our weekly (my weekly) favorite around here and talk about what amazingness Pinterest has offered up lately!

Next month I'm going back to work, but only for two and a half weeks before summer break. I've had to start figuring out what my pumping essentials were, since as much as I'd love to stay home and only breastfeed for the first year and it isn't an option. This is basically what I've come to love, minus the chip bag clip. I just assume buy the right size pumping bra to start with. Which might I add I wasn't going to buy until I couldn't figure out how to pump two handed without one. 

I love this cleaning idea, so much more efficient than buying a dust mop. Plus it addes to your WetJet uses! 

Wouldn't you know that a future adventure we are definitely having with a little boy is camping, talk about an inexpensive family weekend getaway. I loved this list of camping essentials - it's definitely been a few years since I was a regular camper. 

Helpful tips for introducing a bottle >>>
Our lacatation consultant really stressed not introducing a bottle until between weeks 4-6. She was also anti pacifier, but we only made it the first full week without one. I honestly think his latch got better after we got him to take one, he was latching shallow before and not sticking his tongue out all the way. My hands down favorite bottle is the Munchkin Latch for sure, it's supposed to mimic the breast. I had trouble getting Harrison to take a bottle from the Medela bottles, but the Latch was super easy. Honestly I don't want to pump and give bottles at all, but we are doing 2-3 a week just to get him use to it before I go back to work. 

I definitely packed all of these essentials, then the next day I got my Mom to bring my Honest Company Nipple Balm. I can't stress enough how much I adore their Nipple Balm and now their Healing Balm. Don't even touch the Lanolin people, thier organic food grade Nipple Balm is the only thing you need... and I wasn't paid to love them. 

I A) have something I need to strip, and B) really want to pain a dresser like this. 

What Pinterest finds have you loved lately? Share your profile link in the comments and I'll be sure to follow you.