Five On Friday

April 10, 2015

Can you believe we've completed a full week in April already? 

This year is flying by and I don't really know what to do about that. Maybe those two weeks of work will fly and the summer will go by at a snails pace so we can really enjoy our time together around here. 


 I just love this baby sweater. Jeremy thinks it's from Frozen, neither of us have seen the movie so who really knows.

I keep getting told how much he looks like his Daddy, he really looks nothing like Jeremy's baby pictures but looks like Jeremy does now.

From the eyes up.

The nose to chin is all his Momma!


Some friends of our sent Jeremy home with fresh eggs the other day.

They just solidified why I want my own chickens, lucky for Jeremy I don't think we are allowed such things in this neighborhood. I cracked one of these next to a Walmart egg and the color of the yolk is just crazy.

Why can't we get better quality food at the grocery store?


I've gotten asked the all important question over the past month about how Ellie is doing with the baby.

This pic and the next should be your answer.

She often gets on the couch to sit next to us and chew on one of her toys, so when she did this the other night I wasn't surprised... however the sitting on me with it with her butt scooted up to the baby was hilarious.


Our first baby has been showing her sweet side.

I was in the kitchen the other day while Harrison was on the activity mat. As soon as he started making noise and wiggling around Ellie went and sat next to him.

She's really started checking on him lately, he was crying yesterday in his swing and Ellie came and stood next to me peering into the swing while I tried to calm him down. She's even known to sit in the doorway while we nurse.

However, Jeremy can't pay attention to him while I'm holding Harrison without Ellie fussing a him.

She still needs all the attention from him!


Lafayette food trucks are our happy place.

And a really great date for a couple who hasn't been on a date in a month. Especially since the world shuts down around here at 7pm - nothing is going to disrupt bedtime around here. We have too much of a good schedule going on.

Oh how I'm dreading the sleep regression stages!

Anyway, we got Brisket Poutine, which was heavenly. It was traditional Poutine with smoked brisket. Oh how I love a good BBQ truck. From Viva la Waffle we got the fried chicken with pimento cheese waffle. It had a name that I can't remember. This was so good that I'm tempted to get Jeremy to make his awesome fried chicken and try to make some pimento cheese to recreate this at home!

If you live in the area this Saturday the food trucks will be in New Iberia.

Hello Day Date for us again!