Harrison's First Easter

April 7, 2015

I only got one picture, but next year when little dude is up and running I'm sure there will be more. 

We had broken his schedule to have lunch with friends because he was still sleeping and napped through his actual feed time. Holy Moly we should have woken him up! 

This is when he realized it was past dinner time. 

I'm thinking my next camera investment will be a tripod and a better portriat lens. 
(I have a Cannon  - what do y'all suggest?)

We had lunch with the youth pastor and worship pastor's families from church. Tori made some amazing fajitas and we just all hung out and chatted while watching the kids run around. 

I swear all my excitement about this Easter is that next year we get to hide eggs. 

We also got the husbands to snap a picture of Kayla, Julie, and I with the babes. This time last year Kayla was the only one with a baby, Julie was expecting, and we were in a light discussion about whether or not we wanted to get pregnant. 

Fast forward a year >>>

My how life has changed.