I Heart Pinterest Wednesday!

October 8, 2014

It's still Wednesday, even though Tuesday felt like it should have been Tuesday and I'm not totally sure what today feels like.

I did have to rush this evening when I realized tomorrow was a test day and I had yet to create a test. I live in the world of slacker, yes I knew what would be on the test exactly, but typing it up exactly how I wanted it to look had yet to happen.

And that with said, let's enjoy our weekly Pinterest therapy session.

I saw this recipe for Groaning Cake and am really intrigued. Has anyone tried a similar recipe before? Trust me I'm willing to do placenta encapsulation crunchy at times so this seems like a dream concept if it actually helps with milk supply and post baby-ness. 

I had to pin this for one simple reason, my 6 year old crockpot needs it desperately. I'm honestly surprised the thing hasn't grown arms and pinned this itself. 

Y'all are going to get really sick of me this holiday season, but we are closing on a house next week and for the first time in 3 years we will have room for a Christmas tree! I'm dying over Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas right now!!

Jeremy is building this, he may not know it, but he is. Especially since he hates how my bathroom counter always looks, this will solve that issue. So when you read this in a month Jeremy, make this. I'll even take it as a Christmas present. 

I've said it for ages, but the end goal with our table is to get benches for either side and a nice tufted chair on each end. Until then, and after having drug down all of our dining room chairs from the attic, we are just going to pain them all the same color so they somewhat match. As long as it looks country chic and not garage sale cheap we are good to go. 

I did this kettle bell workout the other day and loved it! Granted I modified it a bit, and did lower weights than I normally would, but it was a fun short workout to tack on at the end of my usual weight lifting. 

Target currently has these in black and tan, I'm going to need both colors. Right after I donate a huge load of shoes to Goodwill, moving means purging what I don't wear ever right?

What were some of your favorite pins form this week?