I Heart Pinterest Wednesday

October 15, 2014

I'd like to start this sentence with "so," but after telling multiple kids not to start a sentence of that way I'll hold off from doing so. 

We're closing on a house this week. 

Oh we're moving into it you assume. 

Not at all. That would make too much sense. 

Instead I'll just self soothe with some Pinterest while I wait on these people to move the mess out. 

I made this today, crazy easy. Plus I'm positive my current inhabitatent was grateful for it as well. This child is going to learn what pumpkin and apple spie spice are at a young age. 


Let's just go ahead and add these rustic looking salt & pepper shakers to the long list of things I'll make when I finally get to move in.

This is close to the best idea I've ever seen on the internet. Butterfinger anything is heaven.

I spent Saturday sending my sister random memes. Enjoy.

This perfectly describes Ellie. I kid you not, Jeremy brought home cracklins and Ellie acted like I was ending her life ever single time I took one out of the bag and stuck it in my mouth instead of hers. Then again this is the same dog that has a walled eyed hissy fit if Jeremy and I make any contact what so ever, as in hugging or speaking to each other. She must have all attention. 

Bless his heart. 

This just seems like a really good idea. 

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