I Heart Pinterest Wednesday

October 29, 2014

After a long week of unpacking and doing little handy man chores it's high time for some Pinterest therapy. 

Y'all I kid you not our bed hates us, don't ever buy a bed from Ashley Furniture. 
We bought ours 5 years ago and it has collased for no reason once a year every year. 
Last night it finally bit the dust. 

High Key photo tips, not exactly food friendly, but fun to learn. 

I haven't gone fall decorating crazy around here, but I did buy a pumpkin. Maybe by Christmas I can be in full holiday decorating mode!

Love it!

Banana Bread just smells like Saturday morning growing up, that and an Orange Julius. These are bound to be divine. 

Here's my little semi homemade recipe I shared a few weeks ago, I plan on making them again when my parents are in town while J is off with the guys. 

I made these a few years ago and the bowl was nearly licked clean by Jeremy. That is proof it's good. The man doesn't get excited about too many things. He just doesn't love food like I love food. 

I love this idea, especially since we have to keep a guest room if we ever want visitors. Thanks living over 3 hours away from family. This is a great use for any sample size items you get, especially since I tend to forget everything when I travel anywhere. 

I love a good simmering potpourri, and since Jeremy is sick of smelling the Williams Sonoma one with rosemary this will have to be my winter smell. Side note... these are great for people with allergies. While my Scentsy and candles make me sneeze, this kind of stuff never does.