My Grandmother's Recipes: Chocolate Fluff 2 Ways

March 4, 2014

Here's another one of Nanny's recipes I had a little issue with... the 3 ingredient, no name, no directions recipe written on the back of a gas bill from the 80's. 

After looking at it and trying to decide if I've ever eaten it before I decided to just jump right in and put my own spin on it's uses and directions. 

Especially since, in true Nanny fashion, there were no directions. 

Chocolate Fluff 2 Ways via @labride

I decided to go two routes with this particular recipe, one just as a fruit dip, the other frozen and eaten as a no-machine freezer ice cream or sandwiched inbetween cookies.

Chocolate Fluff 2 Ways via @labride

Chocolate Fluff Two Ways

1 pt of heavy whipping cream
14oz can sweetened condensed milk
3/4 cup Hershey's syrup (canned)

Place whipping cream in a mixing bowl and whip until it forms stiff peaks. Slowly add in syrup and condensed milk. Beat until well combined and fluffy. 

To make as ice cream (with an ice cream maker) just combine all of the ingredients together and place in the ice cream maker. If using an old fashion ice cream maker like I have, be sure you use enough salt over your ice so it freezes up nicely. 

Serve chilled with fruit and graham crackers, or freeze overnight and scoop out like ice cream. You can eat this as ice cream or serve sandwiched between cookies or with cake. 

Chocolate Fluff 2 Ways via @labride

I thought at first it could be an ice cream topping, but I don't think she would use it that way with the cream in it. It just doesn't resanite as a ice creaming topping with me.

Which is exacly why I assumed it was to be used as fruit dip or as an ice cream base.

If you have an ice cream maker this would come out even better in there.

Chocolate Fluff 2 Ways via @labride

Photographing this frozen made it very clear why professional foodies use mashed potatoes as ice cream when photographing for a magazine. 

Geeze Louise that was a pain to shoot, and it wasn't even warm outside! 

Oh and my cookie recipe will get posted soon, I am trying something new with it this week and it if comes out perfect I'll post it next week!