High Five for Friday

March 14, 2014

I think I need a shirt that says High Five for Friday, it the post every week I live for. Not because it's my favorite per say... it just means tomorrow is test day and then it's the weekend. 

1. Reunited and it feels so good! Reunited cause it's understood... I think, I don't exactly remember the lyrics. I was reminded of my Yonana maker last weekend due to the overload of frozen fruit that had be pulverizer on Instagram. Thank you fruit blending people! I decided to turn my smoothie into a frozen breakfast and froze 1/2 of strawberry keifer in an ice cube tray and then proceeded to shove that, 1/2 a banana, and 1/2 cup tropical fruit blend through the Yonana thing. Then I sprinkled it with chia seeds. Which are, by the way, my new sprinkles. I am just obsessed with the texture of that in my frozen fruit ice cream stuff.

2. Carrots. Jeremy came home from work the other day, which had been a particularly craptastic day with a bag full of greenery. I was 100% convinced the man brought me flowers (which I don't really care for but love the gesture anyway when he does) and was happily laughably surprised to find out it was carrots. Laughable because I literally laughed at the idea. I love some straight out of the ground veggies, but never imagined seeing that sight on a Monday. I don't know, it was weird, you'd have to be there lol.

3. I swear this creature just gets more bizarre the older she gets. I realize we share many of the same personality traits, but sitting outside of my bathroom door moaning and groaning for 15 minutes while I take off my makeup is weird. Turns out she wanted either in our bed, or to be tucked into her bed. She ended up in her bed. Miss Demanding, where is she right now? Who on earth knows, because she doesn't want anything. I nearly have to drag the thing out from under couch pillows and beds to find her 80% percent of the time, the other 20 though... she is on me like white on rice demanding some crazed treatment. Such as today, I had to carry her around after work. Then again after dinner she had to go walking. Not to mention Jeremy can not touch me, not even hold hands, without Ellie having a full on temper-tantrum that someone is paying attention to me instead of her. She's neurotic.

4. LEAP testing starts for us lone 4th grade teachers Tuesday. I've trying to look past it with coffee and Demure Vixen nail polish. Today we are going to decorate the door with whatever frog/leaping slogan the kids come up with and Monday I am bringing green chocolate chip cookies for St. Patty/our green frog door and LEAP. Anything to motivate people, anything.

5. While Ellie and I were out on her demanding after dinner walk today I noticed the clover had bloomed. I seriously love clover, like wish it was Southern Living garden worthy, love it. When we were kids and Dad was raising rabbits we would go down to the levee when Spring had hit really well and gather a ton of clover for the rabbits. If I was lucky I could take the most trustworthy rabbit with me. For breeding rabbits, ours were pretty tame. I guess that's what happens when two little girls are involved, they were definitely use to being handled.

Happy Almost Weekend Everyone!