I Heart Pinterest

February 19, 2014

Oh Wednesday you're hear again.

I sometimes wonder if I'll ever get sick of Pinterest, it's seriously the female version of Google. If I need it, generally it's on Pinterest.

We have a dresser in our living room that we use as a TV stand that I've yet to do anything to. That's how I DIY though, a year later I get Jeremy to do it. I'm mainly holding off until we buy a house, the tables I have refinished have taken a beating in the last two moves. This though, will be perfect for our living room once we buy a house.

I couldn't stop laughing when I say this, it's 100% me. I love talking wedding planning, but oh the horror of engagements when you're in college. I wish I could look this girl in the face and tell her just you wait until the baby season hits! Hilarious!

A favorite pair of pants is currently suffering from this problem and I'm very tempted to try this. 

Do I need this? No. Do I want this? Yes.

I made these for Valentine's Day instead of breaking out the work that goes with legit Pomme Frites, it didn't disappoint. Absolutely perfect fries, and way healthier.

DIY garland? Okay! With Jeremy's graduation sneaking up I am slowly planning his graduation party. He doesn't really care to do anything, but after 3 years of this I feel like I almost deserve a cake that says "Congrats Emily! You moved twice, really didn't want to, but knew you had to support your man... and didn't kill him yet."

My old ugly stools need a makeover, this will definitely be happening... but after we move.

Teachers, this works! I started it a few weeks ago to get the attention of the day dreamers with nonverbal queues. My day dreamers now know how to day dream in a way that makes me (and anyone observing) think they are working. That'll help with that "are they engaged" ranking on Compass evaluations. Needless to say they also don't like holes in their papers... or explaining to their parents why it looks like their desk had large termites. Now if I can just devise a way to keep this on my body so I can hold punch seamlessly.

What are a few of your favorite pins from the week?