Five on Friday

February 7, 2014

This week couldn't be ending soon enough.

I was positive that after 3 "snow days" things would be back to normal, nope. These Cajun kiddos are convinced if the temps drop it's going to be Christmas again.

Oh dear.

Here's a few things I actually loved about this week.


Smoothies. I'm on a smoothie kick yet again, this time a little more tropical than my usual banana & nut butter. I've been all over Strawberry Keifer with Almond Milk, frozen mango blend, half a banana, kale, and chia seeds.


We had a massive scare last weekend that you might have seen me post on Twitter/IG. Saturday night my nephew was taken to the ER for and they decided he had viral pneumonia... and an enlarged left ventricle in his heart. There were several panic stricken hours, which totally suck being this far from them, and my sister being strapped to a gurney with her son strapped on top of her and sped away to a much larger hospital in north Mississippi.

Praise God we got good news Sunday morning when a team of 7, I kid you not, doctors decided after poking the poor kid to death didn't have a single heart issue.

It was all just the viral pneumonia and the type of X-Ray done at the other hospital to make the doctors there believe it. Thank God for amazing hospitals who specialize in things nearby.

Funny how pneumonia doesn't sound all that bad after hearing the words pulmonary edema.


Ole Chunky Monkey has chunky-ed about as much as I am willing to let her go. We'v been walking the past few days to get her weenie dog booty back in shape, I think she's enjoying it so far. She loves to walk during the winter and basically plays dead during the summer. I've seen this dog flip over, hold her front legs up waiting on me to jerk the leash, slip out of the harness, and run back for the car.


I had a massive fail moment with my fail proof salsa this weekend... I forgot the lime and didn't notice until the next day when I attempted to eat some. Sadly I took that stuff out in public all naked without its lime. Shame.

That little yellow thing? It's some weird little juicer attachment I adore. You can get one here. It isn't the plastic version, but I could only locate the metal one.


A friend of mine makes the most amazing Chocolate Chip Cookies, I had them for the first time at our Sunday School Class's Super Bowl Party. I seriously can't stop thinking about those cookies.

Then again it's my nature to figure out how to cook something I really like.

She told me her basic version, which her hubby said on Twitter that there was more to it she wasn't sharing. It's now my life goal to figure out this recipe. I found a good starting point and plan to attack it this weekend.