Friday Five

September 6, 2013

Friday couldn't have gotten here quick enough. After looking at the meal plan for the week (yeah I can gauge things better with that than a actual calendar) it was apparent this week was going on for ages! 

1. Last Friday we went over and had dinner with some friends from church. We had an absolute blast! The girls invited me to go to Women of Faith in February and as you can guess... I'm pumped. After a really yummy meal everyone played Spades, except me seeing as how I am not a card player what-so-ever. I really need to learn some games, especially since my in-laws are such big game players. 

2. Christy alerted me Friday night to the fact that Pumpkin Spice was back in session so I made sure we hit it up Saturday morning. I never get a frappuccino, literally I've had two in the past 10 years, but it was just so hot. For a slight second in the car, at least as long as my coffee lasted, it felt like fall. Oh to live somewhere with a true fall.

3. Saturday we also went to the Shrimp and Petroleum Festival in Morgan City. Let me help you out if you are ever debating on going or not. Don't go. The food was awful, it was under a bridge, and it looked a lot like some swappers just crawled out of the swamp. It was an experience none the less. From what I hear the upcoming Sugar Cane Festival isn't one to jump on either.

4. I went completely hippie chick this week and made raw chocolate macaroons and almond milk (as a means of making almond flour). I'll post the tutorial Tuesday for the almond milk/flour. The macaroons may not last into the weekend though, they are that good. Like divine little chocolate morsels. Plus they are Paleo so I can just lie to myself and say they are healthy. They are technically, but not in the quantity I've been consuming them in. It's like eating vitamin gummy bears instead of the regular and saying it's still good for you, not in a handful it's not. 

5. This hurricane season rain is a killer. We've spent the entire summer with a mud covered weenie dog and now it's turned to evening thunderstorms so we have to basically swim everywhere we go. That 5 second fall needs to make a quick appearance and segue into our 2 day winter before we hit January through spring and into summer showers again.

Now, because it's Friday and all the teachers are saying "Praise the Lord!" Here's a video a teacher friend sent me this week:)

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