Thank the Good Lord it's Friday, I could take another week day.

August 30, 2013

High 5 for Friday is such an understatement, with Labor Day on the horizon it's more like Thank God it's Friday! 

1. I found a pair of boyfriend jeans at Goodwill and am loving them. Now I just wish it would just cool the mess down so fall clothing could become more layered.

2. I thought the Muller with mouse was amazing, despite the fact that tilapia is on the ingredients list. Yogurt just shouldn't have fish in it. The Corner Greek Yogurt they came out with is divine, buy the one with mini malted milk balls. It was a step away from heaven.

3. I nearly died laughing this week when I came in to find Jeremy had been using an old cheese bag as a Ziploc bag. His reasoning, "There are two F's in the world, I'm frugal and you're frivolous." Either way, how weird is it to store things in a cheese bag.

4. Out of complete paranoia I made a small batch of the caramel marshmallow frosting to make sure it tasted good. It did taste good. It also tastes good with graham crackers.

5. As you probably deduced from the posts this week, we went to Living Proof Live Shreveport last weekend. Considering this is a Friday recap post I felt obligated to include it. Oh that that's me in the little dotted circle:)