Living Proof Live Shreveport 2013 Recap

August 29, 2013

I can't even begin to tell you how amazing this weekend was. So I'll just talk through what happened and get to the real deep stuff once I process it all the way. 

To start off we got to our hotel, changed, and met my old girls from First West for dinner. Oh how I missed them! That alone could have made my weekend. 

Living Proof Live Shreveport 2013 Recap

We were running slightly behind, but finally found out seats downstairs. If you followed me on IG or Twiter you might know that not only did I win our tickets back in February, on Thursday I got an email and then a call from Melissa at Lifeway Women saying that I had also won front row seats. Whoop whoop!

I nearly peed my pants when I saw the sign on our seats!

Living Proof Live Shreveport 2013 Recap

The pics aren't crazy clear, we weren't allowed to bring cameras in. So everything was done with my phone.

Living Proof Live Shreveport 2013 Recap

If you haven't been to a Beth Moore event, or even a simulcast you have to go. There is actually a simulcast coming up very soon, she is an amazing teacher.

Friday night Beth started off on our long journey that she titled "The Great Escape." We talked about (like I actually talked back lol) accusations, where they come from, how the devil uses us and what not. I'll have to post the scripture late. However, it was totally on point with what I'm been working through for the past year or so. Like dead on!

How I haven't come across the verses in 2 Timothy that she talked about I will never know, either way God definitely gave me a word this weekend and clarified a few things for me.

Living Proof Live Shreveport 2013 Recap

Saturday we continued with amazing study and worship time. I happened to be seated right next to the hearing impaired section and made friends with a hearing service dog. I didn't intend to, but he insisted.

Seriously, I was eating a pretzel and he laid his head on my lap. His owner tied to get him away from me but I assured her is was not a bother... especially with 2 of my own. So we sat together for 3 hours, with his head under my leg like that for a long time.

Towards the end he turned into a little Ellie and started shoving my elbow so I'd pet him more. He was seriously a doll and I would have stole him and attempted to replace him with Rudy in a heartbeat.

Living Proof Live Shreveport 2013 Recap

On the ride home I decided I had to have a Chick-fil-A milkshake, I'd never had one. (I once heard Dan Cathy speak at our church and say how many calories was in one.) 

It was divine.

Yes, I know it has nothing to do with Living Proof Live, but it was too amazing not to share. 

Living Proof Live Shreveport 2013 Recap

Oh and I was super excited to find this little diddy in the LPL Recap video... that's me right there:)

So the big thing from the weekend was vs 1 from Psalm 124. You totally need to read the whole chapter, it's not long at all. Anyway, she had us complete the verse with our own testimony and then she had a few women share theirs out loud.

Here's my little charge to you, I'm going to share mine and then I'd love for y'all to share your own. God has done something in your life, it's a matter of whether or not you've reflected back to realize just what he's done in and for you. So think, read Psalms 124, and share it with us.

Living Proof Live Shreveport 2013 Recap

If the Lord had not been on my side... 
I'd still be entangled in the same snare from years ago. 
I would have never experienced God's grace and mercy,
or felt true forgiveness from him for some dark places in my past.
I wouldn't know love, joy, true happiness, or even have the marriage I have today.
Instead I'd be in a dark depression, alone, and still following the same path,
far from God. 

What has God done in your life?