The End of a School Year

May 29, 2021

 We made it to the end of another school year (for me) and the first for Harrison. 

The two of us celebrated with a pool day! 

Just in the nick of time too, shortly after this the bottom fell out of the sky and the temps dropped in the 70's here! 

The older this kids gets the more I have to work for a real smile. Forced kid smiles are terrifying. 

Seriously, the hoops I jumped through for this. 

That first year of school is in the books! For someone who hated waking up early everyday, he was so sad when we left school on Friday. In fact, on the two half days he kept disappearing and sneaking off to his teacher's class. 

Isn't that what you want though, for them to love their teacher so much that they want to spend time with them. It just shows how much he felt cared for, and he surely was. His teacher has a gift for lower elementary! 

He isn't going to be the happiest with me when he finds out he isn't going to first, but we decided to hold him back. He passed Kindergarten, but with his speech delay impeding his language development and has him a little behind in Reading. I've spoken to so many people who say the same thing, for their son they didn't regret holding them back in K, but many regret not doing so. The fear is that pushing him ahead to 1st before he is really ready (maturity) will do more harm than good. Boys just tend to need more time, especially boys who are "all boy" and need time to work on self control and growing up a bit more.  

Most afternoons I workout downstairs in the kitchen nook while the kids play. On this particular day Elliot ate his snack and watched the Faster Way workout. Sometimes he tries to do the moves, it's hilarious to see. 

And since ole Ellie was the queen of spitting out a dry pill, I leave you with a meme. 

I seriously tried it all with that dog and by the time she hit 10 she wasn't falling for anything. At least she was smarter than my grandparents pug, Puggy, who would hide under the table in plain sight.