a bullet point post turned rant

April 14, 2012

Life has been quite hectic lately, and I have the best intentions of blogging. But let's just be honest - I've had zero access to a computer that would allow me to even see blogger, much less post. Got to love school computers. 

  • Jeremy has been on break this week. Needless to say it wasn't much of a break, he had a ton of work to do. And still has a lot to do. 
  • State standardized testing was the past two days and will finish up on Tuesday. I know people like to think teachers don't do crap during testing, but that is far from the truth. Not only did I walk 6 miles one day during school hours, thank you for keeping up Fitbit, but I have been super stressed. You see, they may be taking the test, but it reflects on me and has the ability to effect whether or not I have a job and how much I am paid. Louisiana sure knows how to stress out a teacher.  
  • Incase you don't live in LA and or do and are under a huge rock Bobby Jindal has lost his marbles. This new teacher law package has been rolling around for a few weeks not, but it is just so overwhelming. Essentially we all stand to lose benefits, and be forced to work until we are 67 all in the name of "benefiting out students." They have even had the gaul to slap the statement on that "We should care less about our benefits and more about students." Umm, hello? I care about my kids, but I also signed up for this gig under the impression I was being treated decent to make up for the low 9 month pay that gets stretched out for 12 months. I could babysit and make more money. 
  • Off of the "Louisiana hates teachers" rant, I got a Fitbit and have been walking around just to watch the numbers go up. I love data, so seeing just how active I am and how much I am sleeping is so neat. 
  • We went to Vidalia for Good Friday/Saturday. Little dude is starting to really expand his vocabulary. My dad tends to say off the wall things, hence where I get it from, and wouldn't you know J is starting to use them against him. Dad asked him to  do something and Josh told him to "Wait 5 minutes!" Ha! Here is one of the few good pics I got of him playing, it was after egg dying - note the green hands.
You might be wondering why he isn't smiling, trust me this is much prettier. His camera smile is the most cheesed up thing ever! I just can't get over how thick his hair is getting, I thought he would be bald till high school.