7 questions

April 4, 2012

It is Spring Break for me, but not the hubs, so that can only mean one thing - sheer boredom. Luckily Gentri Lee has put up anther set of [7 questions], so this should hold me over for a minute. Whoo hoo!

funny pic:
I can't remember why I did this, probably to torment Jeremy. 

1. If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why?
Mind reading. I am just nosy like that.

2. If you could hold the world record for something, what would it be for and why?
Most corn dogs consumed with no weight gain. Watching my husband eat his junk food lunch while I've been home has really made me want a corn dog, but alas my butt disagrees with the need for a corn dog.

3. What is the weirdest thing you've ever eaten?
Escargot, a large variety of raw fish (we worked in a high end restaurant in college), lots of raw meat, octopus, oh and skate. I love some skate, it is a type of ray fish. But sadly I believe I am allergic to salt water fish. I spent the rest of the night at work in the bathroom after eating half a plate of skate. TMI

4. Where would you hide something if you didn't want it to be found?
Panty drawer. For years it was my go to hiding spot. Apparently I hid a pizza crust in there, I don't remember doing so, but Mom sure did find one in there when she was cleaning things out. Random right? I was quite a boy growing up.

5. What is one of your Spring and/ or Easter traditions?
It has been awhile since I got to participate, but dying eggs. We use to dye and hunt eggs, we had a huge hunt every year when I was a kid. The food the ole mom lady cooks is something to look forward to though. 

6. Would you rather have to make all of your own clothes (including patterns), cook dinner from scratch every night, or walk everywhere you wanted to go?
Can I pick two? I already cook from scratch for the most part, so going full fledge wouldn't be that much of a biggie. I would like to walk everywhere I went though, while we were in Italy we practically did and it was glorious. I was sore as could be, but I loved the lifestyle of not driving everywhere. We only took trains for distances longer than a 30 minute walk.

7. What is your most embarrassing moment? I know, big one.
The first day of 6th grade a girl [who was a "friend"] put the lid of her chocolate pudding cup on the bench and then asked me to come eat lunch with them. Being naive I did. I spent the rest of the day with a "poop" stain on my butt, and on my brand new blue jean dress. It was the 90's, jean was in, don't judge. I know the girl has probably forgotten about all the horrible things she did to me, this is just one of many. But I really think what girls  did to me in school made me the cynical person I am today. Probably also why I only ever had 2 real girlfriends and a ton of close guy friends.