When it's hard to remember what's important

January 29, 2012

This is extremely difficult for me to remember these days. I want nothing more than to buy a house, decorate it the way I want, and live at Target. But in this graduate wife phase life is all but that. Money in budgeted strictly, thank goodness we got to go to Italy and our savings allowed for it. The strict budget means that even thoug I hate the couch pillows I am stuck with them. That new nail polish is not a need so it is pushed to the side. There is no sense in buying a house, even though it would be cheaper than our rent, because we could possibly move in a year. We might even stay, but it depends on where Jeremy gets an internship at. Then a year after that we could move again. I hate having to find a new job, and dread the idea of changing again in anything less than 2 years. In 3 years of teaching I've taught at three school. Not because I wanted to trust me. I was transferred in district my second year, and almost transferred again that same year. My graduate internship kept them from sending me to kindergarten. I can only teach 1-5. then this year Jeremy came to school 5 hours from where I worked and lived and I followed, and found another job. I'd kill for career consistency. However sour my mood is toward the hardships of being a graduate wife I have to remember that the life I have now is something I wanted in college. Financially I've reached every goal I wanted to so far without the help of anyone else. In a few years Jeremy will be back in the real world and making more than they barely pay as a graduate assistant and we will be settled. Until that day comes I need to be grateful for this assistant ship that pays for graduate school and then a little on the side, it is saving us for a lot of graduate school debt. [this possibly explains my contempt for being grouped in with college students, at 27 & almost 26 we just don't fit in with college kids anymore. I teach and he is working on a specialist, none of that says count me in on all college happenings. I'll end that rant there.]