Italy Day 3: Pompeii continued...

January 16, 2012

Let's pick up where we left the streets of Pompeii in what appears to be a very heavily business populated area.
 There were several stores like this one up and down this street. After doing some research I found out that stores like the one above were actually restaurants. The pots in the bar are where the food was cooked and held.
 How do you like that handless umbrella, luckily there was no lightening or I would have been fried to the ground with that metal stick.

 Another restaurant.

 Another restaurant, love how the bar still has so much detail 2000 years later.

 Walking into a bath house. This quite possibly could have been a regular house too. Or a brothel.
 Bath house foyer.
 This little front desk looking thing would make me lean more towards bath house or brothel before home though.

 Who knows what would have been in all of these rooms, but naked people were painted everywhere. Which only means one thing in Pompeii, you're in a bath house or a brothel. And there were a lot of brothels according to the guide we spoke to.

 Courtyard of the bath house, brothel, or some guys home. Only the super rich had homes like this so it is hard to tell without a guide to point it out.

 Guess what this is? These purple flowers were covering all of the hillside and they smelled amazing. I was seriously taken back by how pretty they were.
 Names of business and homes are still painted on many of the walls.

 Courtyard of a home. A rich person none the less, remember those who weren't wealthy lived in apartments above businesses.
 Vineyard behind the home.
Now let's see how many can guess wat those purple flowers are correctly. I was surprised by it myself, I had to go pick one to find out. In the next post I will finish Pompeii and tell you what the flowers are!