Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday

June 22, 2011

****Update--Thanks to a wonderful commenter who informed me Pinterest had embedded images/links I got pics up!
I've seen people doing this for a few weeks and thought I would finally jump in and participate. Especially since WIWW  is out the window for the summer(all I do is go to the gym these days). 

What I am showing this week are DIY projects I have pinned, there are some dang good ones on Pinterest. If you need an invite just let me know. By the way, Blogger is being dumb and won't let me upload pics so I will just tell you what it is and give you the link. :( Boo on that one Blogger! If you see pics it is because Blogger got their act together.

1. DIY Bubble Necklace from Martha Stewart. Coolest project ever and is super easy, all you need is a old pair of panty hose and a few rubber bouncy balls. I love the chunky look of it and plan to make one. Here is the link.

2. DIY Leather Bracelet. I am actually in the middle of making one of these. It is a grown up version of the plastic lanyard bracelets we made as kids. Here is the link.

3. DIY Wrap Turned Scarf. I actually made this one already and it is really cool. I thought it would be great for looking a little more stylish in Italy while being able to cover my head with it and use it as a scarf. Super easy! Here is the link.

4. DIY Thrift Store Shirt Refashioned. This one looks totally different in the after, you would never guess she started this top with an old silky button down. Here is the link. 

5. DIY Ruffle Belt. This is such a pretty and fun idea. All you need is some tulle and a nice ribbon. I actually plan to make this, but like the other two DIY projects sitting in the "room that still needs unpacking" it may take me a bit to get to it. Here is the link. 

Now for one tiny gripe about tagging DIY projects or recipes on Pinterest...people who tag the wrong link or a dead link drive me insane! Is anybody with me on this one?