30 Day Blogger Challenge- Day 24 & 25

November 6, 2010

{Something I've learned}

Day 24
Not all southern women are born with the innate ability to constantly speak in a whisper. I for one am a loud mouth, who teaches loud, talks louder, and can blow a kid out of the water with my yell/whistle combo at recess...and sometimes inside if need be.

My envisioned life will not occur now, or next year. Maybe not even the next. I want to have the perfect southern house to decorate and let it be a reflection of me. But that my dear is not going to happen in this town...or in any other for the next few years. We can not possibly commit to buying anything right now, and not because of money, we just want to travel and do other things that aren't in North Louisiana. 

Just because I didn't turn in an assignment on time does not mean it is not still due. In graduate school it likely means someone is about to hunt me down to get my work. Just because it is not up on TaskStream does not mean you don't have to do it now...it will eventually be up and you will eventually be late turning it in.

I am apparently odd for my part of the country. I eat whole wheat. I drink Kombucha. I wear a Power Balance bracelet. And I exercise. All of those things apparently mean I am on a "diet" and not that I eat healthy. Which is quite hard to do by the way when the person next to you at lunch daily is eating 30 lbs of butter and white processed food. I just know my families health history and don't want to be overweight, die of heart disease, have high blood pressure/cholesterol, or have a lard induced type of cancer or stroke. This all makes me feel like some weird Eastern medicine loving hippie.

I don't have to wear makeup to be pretty. I am a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal and proud of it. 

{1st 10 songs on my iPod}

Day 25-warning I haven't updated this puppy in ages...minus a few Zumba songs.
1.Ex's and Oh's {Atreyu}
2.I Got You Babe {Sonny and Cher}
3.A Millie {Lil Wayne}
4.Wake Up {Buddy Holly}
5.Marigold {Nirvana}
6.Dani California {Red Hot Chili Peppers}
7.Prayer of the Refugee {Rise Against}
8.When I'm Sixty Four {The Beatles}
9.Mississippi Squirrel Revival {Ray Stevens}
10.Heaven {John Legend}

and an few extra...

11.Love Song {311}
12.One Thing {Finger Eleven}
13.My Own Worst Enemy {Lit}
14.She Builds Quick Machines {Velvet Revolver}
15.You Were Always On My Mind {Elvis}
16.New Year {Tyler Read}
17.Welcome Home {Coheed and Cambria}
18.Ruby {Kaiser Chiefs}
19.To Them These Streets Belong {Rise Against}
20.Layla {Eric Clapton}

As you can see there is a wide array of junk on my iPod. This little thing has songs spanning the beginning of college to now. Needless to say the now songs didn't show up on shuffle.