{wedding #3}

June 14, 2010

Yes, I realize I didn't post about the first two weddings we went to this summer...it has been busy to say the least. So let's just start at number three.

My oldest first cousin Michael {someone people call him Stephen, but he is Michael to the family. I've also heard a few call him Mike, but my Dad is Mike and that is why Michael is Michael. Confused?} got married this past weekend. It appears we are getting married in random number. Ya see, there are four grandkids...my Mom had two girls, Laura and I, and my Uncle Skip{Mom's only brother} had two boys{actually Aunt Rosie had the boys but you get the picture}, Michael. Birth order for our group goes like this...Michael, me, Chris, and Laura. I got married first, then Michael{two days ago}, and Chris will get married in about 4 weeks. Laura currently has no approved prospects so therefore is forced into last place in the altar race. I won that race by the way. Luckily I didn't win the baby race. Laura took the cake on that one an decided to let us beat her to everything else. Am I making sense?

Anyway, since we have a fairly small family minus the massive amount of second cousins and so forth{that we happen to be close to} we are a pretty tight nit group that happens to be of Arnold decent and  get great joy in proving each other wrong. According to Nanny in the Arnold family the loudest wins. Just ask Jeremy, Arnold blood runs thick...I am LOUD.

Back to the wedding weekend.

First off I was super excited our hotel had a pool because I got to take Joshua swimming-or as swimming as a baby can go-for the first time.
You can't tell from the pic but he thought getting thrown in the air was the funniest thing ever. He loved the pool, looks like his Momma is going to either have to become more of an outdoor person or his Meme is going to be taking him out a lot haha.
Nothing says "my Meme prefers girls" like the Kelly's Kids spring colored jumper and peter pan shirt...plus he passed out playing with my Victoria's Secret lip gloss.
The newly weds, Michael and Misty, by the grooms cake that was very yummy. 
The next to be married this summer, Chris and Brandi. Chris and I are the two middle cousins, we are 7 months apart...and looked like twins when we were little.
Pop, Uncle Skip, and Aunt Rosie
He gave me a really good smile and then insisted I take him out. The little skunk was cranky till I took him out to dance.
You'd think we threatening to hurt these two by taking them to weddings. Needless to say my sister is the clone of them and hates to be anywhere for too long. Luckily the baby is on mine and Mom's team.
First Dance
The "baby whisperer", much like Nanny, Aunt Rosie can change a baby's mood from mad to happy or dead asleep in Joshua's case at the rehearsal dinner.

The smallest Cater also cut his first tooth during the wedding. We wouldn't have known by his attitude because other than when I tried to put him in the car seat for another 3 hour drive he was perfectly happy.