Making the bed.

June 16, 2010

Does anyone else have a problem with a husband who doesn't care about the bed looking pretty and all that good girly stuff? The last thing on Jeremy's mind is "did I put that pillow in the right place". So today when I had my Mom's cousin and her daughter coming to stay with us while her daughter attended orientation at the college here I attempted to force Jeremy out of bed so I could make it before leaving for class. I warned him several times I would make it with him in it. He apparently didn't take me serious enough.

Notice the lump? That is my husband refusing to get up before his second alarm went off. Is it fair this man can sleep in day light and I wake up at 5:30am because the light is to bright and I have to put on an eye mask? No! And that is a king size bed this massive diagonal lump is making look small at the moment. I feel like I am lost in a wall to wall mattress and my legs barely fall at the halfway mark. Don't you just hate tall people!