June 7, 2010

Alternately titled "Vacay Part One" 

On the way down to Galveston I was listening to a talk radio show {as usual} and happened to hear this guy cracking jokes about how often people say "I love you" in a relationship. It basically boiled down to once you say it you'll be saying it every 30 minutes till you die. Honestly it was funny. Cut through until Friday...We were driving back to our hotel in La Marque {which was 10 miles out and way cheaper by the way} from Schlitterbahn Water Park and I started to say "I love you" to Jeremy but I stopped. Suddenly I realized this: You both know you love each other, so why say it? Saying I love you in a relationship is basically the same as playing March Polo as a kid. It is the easiest way to check in an make sure the other person is still around. For instance, I love him, but I was only going to say it because nothing had been said in 5 miles...Marco?

Even better than "I love you" is the proverbial saying "Whatcha thinking"....Polo? So why is it people say this to each other 50 times per day other than to play the married version of Marco-Polo? {Excluding couples in a new relationship who still haven't found a reason to not like the other person} I'm tempted to just start saying Marco and see if I ever get a reply.

Now for the Olympus camera part of the vacation. Thursday-Moody Gardens Butterfly Exhibit.

I promise this isn't boob sweat. We had just gotten done playing in the gulf and I was wearing a wet swim suit. Hence no makeup and partly wet hair.
Butterfly zip line.

Later that night we went back to the Moody Gardens IMax and watched Avatar in 3D. It was a pretty good movie...just way to long.

Friday-Schlitterbahn Water Park. No pictures but lots of fun. If you go to Galveston you must go there.

Saturday-Beach/Downtown/Movie day.
Jeremy thought that board thing would be fun. Turns out it sucks.
Jeremy studying for the Praxis 2. Exactly how everyone likes to spend their beach time right? Not how I spent it for sure. 
Can you spot the bird that isn't supposed to be on the beach? I have never EVER seen a pigeon in Galveston before. 
I didn't know it until we took a bike ride around Seawall Blvd., but the Galveston seawall was built in 1911 after a hurricane that killed 6 thousand people. before then Galveston was level with the beach. I don't think I have any pictures of them, but all over town there are signs that show how high the water was during Ike, and it was always above my head. For the most part though the town has been rebuilt since Ike, there are still a few places that are still being rebuilt.
Someone obviously had no desire to take a picture with me.
I don't know what got into me on this trip but on the way down sharks became a focus of mine. I started looking up what the most recent attack was, because I was sure I'd be the next one. It didn't help that the first day we were at the beach the 4 main things they said not to be in the water if they occurred, occurred. 1. I saw a pelican diving for fish...which ment there was a school of fish, and therefore could attract a bigger fish. 2. Fish jumping out of the water. One jumped right next to me and according to the online shark guide they only jump when they are being chased. 3. The last girl attacked in Galveston had on shiny silver nail polish. I didn't have any on but my tube {as pictured above} was super shiny like a fish lure. 4. A couple articles suggested sharks see color contrast, no color...basically high color contrast swim suits and tan lines are bad. I had swim suit and two different sun burns, one browner and a lot of white skin.

Luckily I was not attacked...I was just beyond paranoid and never went farther out than a bunch of 8 yr old that were around. I thought I could run faster than the rest of the kids if one were attacked. Crazy yes, but that was my logical thinking of the trip.