is there something wrong with the couch?

June 21, 2009

Disreguard the crazy dog in the front, Maddie seems to live in her own la la land and is usually a few minutes behind the rest of us.
After we got home from lunch today I decided to sit down an attepmt to go over a few tricks with the dogs since we don't work on it like we should these days. Well as usual Maddie doesn't understand any trick more complicated than sit{but I give it to her, she is a daschund and they do what they want} and Ellie is such a pig she does every trick she knows before I even have a chance to say a thing. After the first few treats I decided to start working with Ellie on speak{she use to be really good about mockning sounds I made} and noticed that Jeremy went from sitting next to me to laying down. Well what do ya know I get up and make the bed, do a few more chores and come back to this. I can't decide if he is homeless or dead but I kicked him and few times and got nothing.
Wish I had the ability to fall asleep in random places. I'm gonna have to make a series out of this considering how often this incident occurs. Or even better, this should be a name that photo contest.