Flashback Friday

June 19, 2009

Ya know I've never done this before and realized that according to theknot.com we have been married 20 days today so here ya go. This pic was taken on our first date at the Emery/Pierce the Veil/a couple other bands I can't think of the name of concert. Originally we were supposed to go with a group of our Psychology friends but they backed out so we went anyway, it was in Little Rock, AK by the way so it was a bit of a drive. This was my first emo-ish concert and it was actually good, if you came to the wedding and were wondering what was with the rock music playing at the begining instead of traditional music we this is why. We both love concets and figured why not add that into the wedding. So here ya go, our first date and why you heard screamo music at a wedding, pretty good flashback right.


  1. What date was that? I don't even know how long y'all dated.
    I love the fireworks picture! I loved Disney World. We took my girls in 2004. Don't think I'll ever get to take the grandkids, not at the rate our kids are procreating! =)

  2. March 16, 2008 I think. Wait now that I am thinking about it we were stood up at the bowling ally before that so that is kinda our first date.

  3. You have the greatest smile! :) I remember it being there even when you were little.