honeymoon/the traveling adventure day 4

June 14, 2009

Yes as you guessed the camera was still dead at this point.

Wednesday morning we got up, had breakfast, and sat in the lounge until they called our floor to exit the boat. Exciting...no way. You would have thought that boat was on fire the way I was trying to get off of it. I think I knocked over three kids with my suitcase runnnig through the place, okay not really, but I get so far ahead of Jeremy that it took a minute to find him.

After that we got our car and headed off with our Garmin in search of somewhere to change the oil. Yes I was so busy the week of the wedding I failed to get it done. You can by now tell the kind of lovey dovey honeymooners. I mean seriously who gets their oil changed on their honeymoon?

Once we were done with that little deal we drove off into the vast land of please Garmin don't put us back on a Florida turnpike{one of those puppies cost us $13 on the way down} in search of Kissimmee. After tons of driving{I don't remember the trip taking that long to get to Fort Lauderdale but I was asleep the way down} and one stop at Pollo Tropical for some flavorless Cuban food we arived in Kissimmee and headed straight for Epot.

After purchasing our Disney tickets and trying to get the cheapest deal known to all budget crazed honeymooners we decided to catch a flick at The Loop. Again no pics, but after some legit window {we are on a budget remember} shopping and dinner at Chipotle we wandered into the cinema with two older couples and watched Up! in 3d. Don't waste your money by the way, it was awful 3d, I had my glasses off half the time cause it looked the same either way.

After the movies we went back to the Super 8 we stayed in Sunday. I had to remind the lady that there was a room for $34.99 and that we had it a few days before cause she surely wanted to sell us a much pricier room that was out of our honeymoon budget We gladly went to sleep till we were forced by a alarm clock to get up and truck over to Epcot an hour before opening to beat all the kids as a way of skipping lines. And it worked, but more of that later.


  1. I love your humor in sharing your adventures of wedding and honeymoon bliss!

  2. At least you got the oil changed!