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November 6, 2008

Twin Oaks in Natchez, MS

{all pics of twin oaks from}

For anyone who has talked to me since the wedding planning started knows that I am so very excited about being able to have our wedding at Twin Oaks in Natchez. No joke, I had the same reoccuring dream about Twin Oaks about 3 or 4 times and each time I was walking through and talking about where we would put things and how everything would be for the wedding. I am a huge fan of this current trend among the Vidalia and Natchez girls to get married at the plantations around town. They are beyond beautiful an just exhibit that southern charm that we all love.

{this is the chapel at Twin Oaks that we will be getting married in front of.}

{this picture is from a weddig reception at twin oaks. i absolutely love the way this looks. the back porch is set up perfect for a big party, which is exactly what i'm going for.}

This is probably the one thing I'm looking forward to the most, FOOD! All the food for the wedding is done by Chef Regina Charboneau(who is also the owner of Twin Oaks). She was trained in Paris, and for anyone who knows me well knows I'm a huge foodie and my dream is to go to culinary school in Paris, so to have a French trained chef is a big treat for me!

{this is another reception picture. the food looks so yummy, and its all done by mrs. regina.}

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  1. Wow, what a beautiful wedding it will be. I am so excited for you. What a great venue.